Asleep In The Deep

I was mightily impressed with Mastodon’s most recent album. It was heavy, yet melodic; an impressive feat and one of my favourite recent purchases.

Check out their vide for Asleep In The Deep – it’s NUTS:


I want to shoot myself in the head | The Dogs Blogs

So, I was on That Doctor Who Live tonight and I totally dicked it up.So, due to the #twittersilence thing, I didn’t want to come to you all and apologise, but it’s past midnight now, so here it is.

via I want to shoot myself in the head | The Dogs Blogs.

Rufus Hound explains his utter embarrassment at cocking up his Who facts live to the nation last night. Great to see he’s a big fan.

Peter Capaldi is a great choice too.

Chico, Chico the Rainmaker

Some things remain in the memory for a long time. I have no idea why but one Children’s Film Foundation series really buried itself in my psyche:

Chico the Rainmaker. I remember going along to our local cinema (The Lounge in Headingley) to watch the matinée screenings. This was one of my favourite programs for some reason. Probably all down to that catchy little theme tune.

Happy days!

You know when you’re getting old…

…when you start listening to BBC Radio 2.

Let’s get this straight – I’ve not started some habit-forming addition to the radio station or anything, it’s just that I’ve listened to it once. And I kinda liked it.

I’d dropped my girlfriend off at some friends’ house in Manchester yesterday. She’s off to Morocco (without me!) for some fun and frolics with old friends, so we ended up there and I got to drive home back to to Nottingham in the evening. Luck would have it that Radio One were playing Appetite for Destruction in its entirety that evening and so I listened to that.

I’d forgotten what a great album it was. It’s now over twenty years old and sounds just as good now as it did then – certainly one of the best rock albums from the 80s, if not all time (apart from Sweet Child O’ Mine which just gets on my tits).

Unfortunately, Pete Tong followed after Zane Lowe. I’m sure he’s a pleasant chap and all but I really don’t get on with dance music on the radio. I can just about cope with it in nightclubs, during rare appearances in Nottingham’s sweatier drinking establishments, but it’s just not for my normal listening tastes. Jo had taken her iPod out of the car to take on holiday so, stuck with the radio, I hit “scan”.

Some local stations popped up and were quickly discarded but eventually I came across a track I quite liked. It turned out to be a Suzanne Vega song and it was being played on your Dad’s favourite radio station – Radio 2. To my surprise it turned out that the DJ was one of my old Radio 1 heroes Mark Radcliffe! I had no idea that the Lardless one was now presenting on Radio 2 and I was chuffed to bits to hear his Northern voice rambling along just like the old days.

I may have to tune in again, even if he has dispersed with his old sidekick Lard and recruited knowledgeable musico Stuart Maconie. It was a good show and I’m going to have to tune in again at some point.

Mark Lamarr followed radio’s favourite Boltonian, but he proceeded to play rockabilly and other ancient music stylings so I was glad when I arrived home soon after.