Alias Season Three – completed

At last, I’ve finished watching Alias Season Three. After a marathon session starting on Saturday afternoon, I eventually watched the remaining 12 episodes just before midnight.

Just about every single episode was brilliant, with shocks and surprises aplenty. Jennifer Garner was gorgeous throughout, even after getting beaten up by Korean Guards and wearing a dirty, chunky sweater. Melissa George – well, I fancied the pants off her when she was in Home and Away and she’s certainly worth a few self-intimate moments.

The best thing about this program is that fact that it doesn’t assume that it’s audience is stupid. Yes, there are the occasion quick plot updates that don’t make a lot of sense, but all-in-all this is top-quality TV.

Now, time for Season 4! Here’s hoping that I get it for my birthday.


Still no McRubbish

I’m at least six months into my no-McDonald’s quest and still going strong. There’s absolutely no reason for me to eat there at all – even a friend of mine that’s a McDonalds manager won’t touch the stuff.

I’ve even started eating cous-cous and increased levels of vegetables and fruit. My bowels are much happier for that fact.

Down with tasteless, unhealthy food!

See more progress on:

Lucid Dreaming

I’ve always wanted to be able to control my dreams, to be able to walk among the landscape that my mind has created and change things at will. I always dream in colour but my dreams are chaotic and don’t stick with one storyline for very long at all.

I probably don’t have the mental discipline to do this to be honest. My waking thoughts are also pretty random and I’m often going off on tangents or losing concentration on what I’m doing. Perhaps I should consider doing something to help this too – yoga perhaps, or other forms of meditation?

The potential for adding news goals is almost endless!

Just in case

I really like my current job and I hope that I’m going to be doing it for quite a few more years to come, but as my company is about to be taken over by a larger, more successful competitor then I suppose I’d better update my CV.

Mine still says that I’m an RAF telecomms technician when I actually left the Airforce over five years ago.

I want to do that this week, which also plays with my procrastination goal.

Prestatyn here I come

Tomorrow evening I shall be setting off in the direction of North Wales for the “delightful” holiday resort of Pontins in Prestatyn. I know it’s a funny time of year for a short break but this is for a good cause – the Pontins Brass Band Championships – where I’ll be playing Lorenzo as a guest player with Ibstock Brick Brass.

It’ll be a beer-sodden affair and will get very messy once we’ve finished playing. We’re drawn very early on so I suspect that some of the band may be somewhat inebriated by lunchtime.

See you on the other side, though I suspect that I may still have time to add another entry or too on here before I go…

I never phone, I never write

I’ve noticed over the years that I’m absolutely useless at keeping in touch with my family. I live away from the lot of them, and whereas it’s easy to pick up the phone and speak to them every day if I wanted, I tend to do it all too infrequently.

I’m not entirely sure why this is. I’m not the sort of person to just chat about nothing I suppose, so perhaps that’s part of it. I like talking to them but am easily distracted into doing other things, such as playing on my PC or just doing my own thing.

I really, really should phone them more often, especially my little sister in Toronto. My Mum I can visit (that’s potentially another goal I can add). Same with my Dad. My sister is on another continent.

It’s always good to hear their voices and I think they like to hear mine too.

Water, water

A while ago, ok over a year ago, I decided that I needed to drink more water. You know, the recommended 8 glasses a day. I even bought a water dispenser that holds that exact amount so that I could guage how I was going. I did OK for a couple of weeks before my usual apathy took over.

So, here I am at 43 things setting this goal again. 8 glasses of water, or thereabouts, every single day. Better health here I come!

I’m not giving up beer though.