Candy floss

31st January 2015

Jo and I took Ruby to her friend SJ’s 5th birthday party today. It was amazing!

There was a magician, a clown, two bouncy castles, bangra dancing, a free bar (happy parents!) and some utterly delicious curry.

This photo shows Ruby enjoying her first ever taste of candy floss. We’d not bought her it before


Oh shit

26th January 2015

The test piece for the 2015 Regional Championships Second Section has this little bit of horror about halfway through.

The composer, Kevin Norbury, no doubt had a bit of a chuckle when he wrote this.

Brass banders often struggle more with sharp keys. I know I much prefer to be playing in flats. I’m not entirely sure why this is.


25th January 2015

Yet another photo of Ruby. We were enjoying a café break in that most salubrious of drinking establishments, ASDA. The coffee was actually rather nice, and everything was good value, so no complaints from this Yorkshireman.

I’d rather come to the ASDA café than drink in Starbucks