Ruby in repose

Ruby in repose



Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Ruby stayed over with her Grandpa and Gran in Leeds for the first time this week (it is half term at her school) and I arranged to pick her up again at the rather splendid Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I have driven past here on the M1 many a time but never managed to venture in, so I thought it was about time to see what it is about.

It is an outstandingly beautiful place with some utterly lovely sculptures. I took a few pictures while I was there:

Ruby loved it. It’s encouraging that she enjoys running around in the countryside and that she also seems to like art, especially the Henry Moore sculptures that abound here.


We will be back soon, with wellies.

Still here

I have been very quiet on this blog for quite an extended period of time. My intention has always been to keep blogging, but other factors have interfered; a busy job, open university assignments, a lively child.

I will try to put more content up; just the occasional post with some reblogs and shared posts. WordPress is a pretty good platform for that and makes creating blog content easy enough.

In the meantime, here is a photo of my lovely daughter taken just before her recent 5th birthday:
My angel