T306 Block 1: Activity 32

Write down your own initial impressions to the metaphor of the systems practitioner as juggler.

What juggler? Oh, this one:The systems practice juggler

I’m going to be seeing a lot of this juggler, I can tell. My initial impressions of this are that the metaphor sounds pretty reasonable on the face of it. It is difficult to manage anything complex and it does sometimes feel that I’m a pretty poor juggler trying to keep lots of extremely uneven objects in the air all at the same time.

The B ball has been covered by T214 already and I think I have a reasonable grasp on what is expected of systems practitioners. The E ball is the bit I find hard – the engaging with the real world bit. I’m not entirely sure what the C ball is trying to tell me. I have a vague idea but I’m keeping a space in my brain free for that information. I am hopeless at managing anything, so I suspect that this is the bit I shall be finding most difficult.


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