T214: Understanding Systems

I’ve been working on a BSc through the Open University for about three years now and finally arrived at one of the main modules; T214: Understanding Systems: making sense of complexity.

This module is designed to be one of those “life altering” courses that frees your mind from incessant reductionism and enables us meer mortals to use “joined-up thinking” to determine how systems (or networks) operate.

On the surface it seems hard, very hard, but it does look extremely interesting, and important for me as a software tester. I’ve always tried to consider whole systems when testing and I think that this course will really help with that.

Part of the course requires me to keep an on-line journal. I was going to use a free blog on WordPress.com – and I’d even created one for that purpose – but my work connection has subsequently determined that WordPress requires special access (usage of my “quota”, whatever that is) and I may want to add my thoughts to the odd journal entry during my lunch hour. So, I’m going to clutter up my personal blog with that stuff too.

I apologise in advance if my photos of random crap is interrupted by my “academic” musings. It’ll only last until October when the course finishes. Honest.


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