Magic powder

Magic powder, originally uploaded by rutty.


I’m fairly new in my job and so I’m still withing the compulsory probationary period (six months!) before being made permanent. I’m enjoying the job too, and should be fine when it comes to my appraisal.

There is one little annoyance with this probationary period, though; they won’t pay me sick leave during these months. I’m sure they have reasons for such a rule but there is a very obvious consequence.

Today (Friday) I’m as sick as a dog. The ManFlu has me and my nose is running like a gooey tap, and yet here I am sat at work. I can’t afford to drop a day or two’s pay from my wages, so here I am in the office infecting everyone else. I should be sat at home feeling sorry for myself like everyone else would, but no.

Not even the mighty Lemsip is making any difference to the green outpourings from my nose. Let’s up it clears up soon.


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