Are we phalluses? (via Why Evolution Is True)

Some interesting comments surrounding Phil Plait’s “Don’t be a dick” speech at TAM8.

I think he’s got a point – you’re not going to win many converts by being obsessively rude – but his whole premise is weakened by a complete lack of examples of such behaviour.

I finally got a chance to watch Phil Plait's "Don't be a dick" speech from The Amazing Meeting #8, which he's put online at Bad Astronomy.  Plait has a further post in which he links to the diverse reactions to the talk that appeared in the blogosphere, and a final post in which he reiterates all the support he got for his talk. As you may know, Plait's theme was one of civility.  He argues that skeptics and atheists must be respectful and civil … Read More

via Why Evolution Is True


Square blocks

Square blocks

Square blocks, originally uploaded by rutty.


Our lounge has turned into more of a play area than somewhere to watch Big Brother on the sofa. It’s not very large and we always try and tidy up after our little girl has gone to bed but we often have toys strewn across the carpet.

Jo had saved a lot of old toys in her Mum’s loft so we’ve now got these ancient wooden bricks for Ruby to play with. She prefers to muck about with the bowl that they’re stored in at the moment though

Dead room

Dead room

Dead room, originally uploaded by rutty.


I’m starting to feel a bit lonely at work now. More and more people are being made redundant and I turned out to be the only person on the late shift in our building. It was me, two security guys and three floors of emptiness.

This lab is now permanently empty. They’ve got rid of everyone from this room. It used to be packed with kit and now: nothing. Sad.

I took this through the glass on the door so you can see some reflections too. I quite like the effect, almost like a light-leak on some toy camera. Effect was from Camera+

Left Turn Clyde

Left Turn Clyde

Left Turn Clyde, originally uploaded by rutty.


Nothing in the house is safe any more. Our little girl can crawl, stand and generally reach anything over a certain height. She’s not quite figured out how to propel herself around on one of these little ride-along things but it’s only a matter of (very short) time.

Time to get some trunking for all the cables in the house I think

Tap tap tap

Tap tap tap

Tap tap tap, originally uploaded by rutty.


I use my iPhone a lot for my Flickr photos (a bit too much, perhaps) but I’ve never thought of using the volume buttons as a shutter release. As a concept it’d be great if you could do it.

Well, now you can if you’re using the Camera+ app from Taptaptap, although you have to do a little frig to make it work as Apple have rejected the function.

It works like a charm. In fact, it’s how I took this photo.

Camera+ is an ace little app and worth the outlay even if you choose not to muck about with this little config