Overhead, originally uploaded by rutty.


We went to a wedding in West Bridgford today. The happy couple were co-attendees at our NCT classes last year and the registry office was chock-full of parents with babies.

I much prefer non-Church weddings. Religious reasons aside I much prefer the short and sweet nature of these services rather than having to sit in a drafty church singing hymns.

The reception was in Fire and Ice in West Bridgford. The food was fantastic – really good quality fare – although I wasn’t feeling so hungry for some reason.

It seems I have a bit of a tummy bug or something. It also seems that Ruby has picked up something (maybe from me) because she started some extreme puking later on in the afternoon. Jo was playing with her on a sofa and she got covered in it. My poor girls!

We had to come home early and clean up. Ruby seemed OK when we got back but we found out (to our washing machine’s cost) that all was not well in her digestive system. I’ve never seen so much sick in my life. How can such a small baby emit so much puke?

The poor girl was sick a few more times when we put her to bed. We’ve been so lucky with Ruby’s health up to now so it’s only to be expected that she was going to pick up something eventually. Do not like.

The photo is an abstract of the overhead lighting in the registry office.

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