Spaces, originally uploaded by rutty.


About 150 people left the company today. We suddenly have a surfeit of free parking spaces.

This makes me sad. In three months time I won’t be needing any of these spaces because it’ll be my turn.

This makes me a little bit more sad. Still. I still have my health, a beautiful wife and a gorgeous daughter


Curry. Done

Curry. Done

Curry. Done, originally uploaded by rutty.


A number of my mates are leaving the company tomorrow. The Big Rod of Redundancy has descended upon them.

To celebrate this happy event we went for a curry at Monsoon in Coventry. The curry was lovely but the service was slow. Still, we had fun. I avoided the garlic nan so that my wife would still kiss me when I got home



Poolside, originally uploaded by rutty.


Our band played a concert for Help For Heroes tonight at Whatton House Gardens, a rather nice country house in North Leicestershire. The gardens were lovely and there was this nice little pool sat right in front of the building.

I’ve decided that I need to try not using so many effect apps for my photos so this has only been run through Perfectly Clear

Break out the vuvuzelas

Break out the vuvuzelas

Break out the vuvuzelas, originally uploaded by rutty.


Today was the “Ericsson World Cup” where twenty teams from various UK Ericsson sites turn up at a St Albans sports ground to play five-a-side football.

Well, it’s better than working (in a soon-to-be closed site)

We had some excellent weather so I took the factor 40 along so that I didn’t catch on fire. I managed to blind a few people with my white legs, which was amusing.

What wasn’t amusing was my ability to injure myself. I was only ever going to be an emergency substitute (I’m crap at football and I have two bad knees) but I joined in the kickabout before the games started. I managed to go about fifteen minutes without hurting myself but I then made the stupid mistake of jumping to head the ball.

This was too much for my left knee which twisted (with a nice grinding noise) and crippled me. I’m not walking like I’ve done something in my pants.

To make things worse our team managed to go the whole group stage without scoring a goal. At least we drew one game and got some free food.