Wollaton Lake

Wollaton Lake

Wollaton Lake, originally uploaded by rutty.


Bank Holiday Monday and it’s not raining. Hurrah!

We took Ruby to Wollaton Hall for a little trundle around today. We should come here more often – there are deer, ducks, swans and a nice lake. You can get some reasonably priced refreshments in the café and there’s a museum and gallery too.

Someone had pitched a huge inflatable slide on one of the many grassy areas but we figured that Ruby was a little young to be put in peril by her parents on such a thing



Bandstand, originally uploaded by rutty.


Ah, what is more British than enjoying a sunny day in the park while listening to a brass band?

Our band played for a couple of hours at the Nottingham Arboretum today. It’s a lovely, little park near the centre of town and we had a nice audience listening to us too. We did some old stuff and some new stuff – something for everybody. I had to do my Fred Flintstone impression (embarrassing) and also a cornet trio.

Playing in a brass band isn’t the most glamorous or trendy thing to do but I do love it.



F, originally uploaded by rutty.


F is for BBQ. Well, it isn’t but this is what we did today.

Friends of ours were having a BBQ so we headed over there for free food and booze. The weather was awful but the food was good.

There were many babies and they had this rather nice set of floor tiles for them to sit on. Ruby liked to pull them up and stick them in her mouth. Everything goes in her mouth



Junk, originally uploaded by rutty.


We followed this car (at a distance) down the A52 on the way home today. I’m not sure what has happened but it seems that he’s trying to get to a garage without paying for a tow truck to come and pick up his ruined car.

He should have put it in the truck in front…

A horribly grainy photo for today – didn’t take much of anything else. Must try harder