Pope Song

The poor old Pope has been in for right old stick over the last few months. Much of it is richly deserved too, but none of it is as funny as Tim Minchin’s brilliant Pope Song.

Note: before pressing play please be aware that there are many, many naughty words…




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I love working here, even though the drive down to Coventry is a pain in the arse. When we first started working in this building I was amazed by the effort put into making such a great working environment. So much money spent on R&D in the UK.

I still can’t get my head around why they decided to spend all this cash then change their mind less than a year later and sell us down the river to China.

Well, I can imagine why but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

I like my job. It’s interesting, varied and pays me enough to get by. I just hope that, come September, I can find another job like this closer to home



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It’s nearly time to get my penultimate assignment in for marking. I’ve been leaving these a bit late for this course (T175 OU course) and it’s always a bit hairy whether I’ll get it done or not.

This time I’m almost done with a whole day to go before the deadline. Go me.

I’ve not found this particular course to be particularly interesting. There’s an awful lot of existing knowledge coming into play and I’ve got good marks so far with not very much effort. I much preferred the first module as it included some JavaScript programming.

Onwards and upwards, though