Trent Building

Trent Building

Trent Building, originally uploaded by rutty.


I note, with some displeasure, that the week ahead is going to bring some cold, miserable weather. Arses.

At least today was nice. Ish. It was sunny – sometimes – and it was warm if you weren’t stood in the shade or in the wind. I suppose this is Spring.

Still, we managed to get out into town and did some shopping for our holiday next month and for my sister-in-law’s wedding in May. I like shopping.

We also headed over to Highfield’s Park on the University campus in Beeston. This was the campus founded by the legendary Jesse Boot (of Boot’s fame). The Trent Building (shown here) is gorgeous and is set in some nice grounds for all the students (and local residents) to lark about in. We had a rather nice walk around in the sunshine.

You might as well do it while it’s there.


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