I am NOT a 34″ waist

I am NOT a 34" waist

I am NOT a 34″ waist, originally uploaded by rutty.


Maybe it was all the mince pies but it would seem that I can’t fit into a 32″ waist pair of jeans any more.

When did that happen? The jeans I’m wearing right now are 32″, but perhaps they’ve stretched with me a little. I had to take back two pairs of 32″ and replace with 34″.

I’m still not “fat” but this is a place I do not want to be. It’s not that long since I was still in 30″ waist jeans…


2 thoughts on “I am NOT a 34″ waist

  1. You are not a 34″ inch waist, I am not ten stone and Al hasn’t put two stone on in recent years…..oh wait, I think I got all that wrong !


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