Cat Stranglers

I normally detest everything about bagpipes. I think that they’re generally horrible to listen – like an argument amongst a clowder of cats.

However, I do have a thing for that classic Scots tune Highland Cathedral and I can just about put up with the screechy cacophony long enough to enjoy something like this:

I’ve played it enough it times with the RAF Waddington Voluntary Band back in the 90s, along with a single piper. It’s a lovely piece of music.


Toxie has reminded me of that other great use of the bagpipe – a certain track by those old buggers AC/DC:

I love that old tune too

Beeston sunset

Beeston Sunset

Beeston sunset, originally uploaded by rutty.

There was an absolutely astonishing sunset in Nottinghamshire the other night. We were at home and I happened to see it out of the upstairs window.

I had no chance of getting my camera out and heading somewhere photogenic before the sunset disappeared so I got my iPhone out and too this photo.

I used one of the better photography applications (Camera Bag) to give it a bit more interest. I rather like how it came out. The sky was way more read than this – the iPhone has a RUBBISH camera and this is the best it could do.

Still, came out OK