Fancy some free Izzard?

izzardI’m not normally one to download podcasts but I’m a bit of a fan of Eddie Izzard and thought I would give it a go.

I found this free (free!) podcast in the iTunes store featuring Eddie being interviewed by the equally funny Simon Amstell (UK store for that link). It’s very, very funny, helped along by some insane questions from the audience.

It was recorded in the Apple Store on Regent Street and is intended, I presume, as a taster for people to find his other stuff on iTunes.

Eddie often heads off into a complete tangent from the question asked and one of these tangents happened to include a discussion of Leicester Forest East Service Station. I pass this twice a day – once on the way to work and once on the way back – and I just happened to be sailing past while he was talking about it.


I shall be trying some other podcasts soon I think. I love listening to music but sometimes a bit of comedy on the way to work helps the miles go by that bit faster.

Cheers Eddie!


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