Links for February 17th

  • BBC – Newsbeat – Technology – Sky to replace 90,000 HD boxes

    Thousands of Sky+ HD customers are to have their boxes replaced after a fault was discovered by manufacturer Pace.

  • Food intolerance test – Watchdog

    Julia Bradbury went under cover to reveal how a ‘food intolerance’ test available from high street gyms, spas and chemists is a waste of money.

    It’s called the Kymatika K-Test and is marketed as a ‘revolutionary’ non-invasive way to diagnose food intolerances. The test costs on average £30, and, according to the company that developed it, is the culmination of three and a half years of dedicated research.

    However, when Julia took the test twice in the same afternoon, she got very different results.

  • Facebook terms of service compared with MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter

    With today’s outrage over Facebook’s newly altered Terms of Service at its peak, I figured I’d do a quick comparison of their terms of service as regards user-uploaded content to the terms specified by other social networking sites, just to see if said outrage is fully justified. It looks as though the finger-pointing at the Bush robots.txt file wasn’t justified, for instance, and I was guilty of spreading that story.

    Conclusion? Go ahead and be outraged. Facebook’s claims to your content are extraordinarily grabby and arrogant.

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