Down On The Farm – Charles Stross

I seem to be in the mood for free short stories from Tor! After reading through, and thoroughly enjoying After The Coup by John Scalzi I’ve just read the other free story on the Tor site – Down on the Farm by Charles Stross.

I’ve not read anything by him before but I do have one of his books on a free PDF (via those lovely people at Tor) on my drive somewhere. I’m almost certainly going to have to read it very soon as this story was excellent.

It’s a little longer than Scalzi’s effort but still short enough at 36 pages. It visits an old universe of Stross’s that features some secret organisation called The Laundry. These black suiters deal with all sorts of otherworldly shenanigans, apparently, and this story involves a bit of advanced mathematics, 1960s computer systems and demonic possession of some description.

It’s funny and rather exciting too. The storyline is quite unexpected and satisfying. Read it if you have a spare 20 minutes or so.


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