Let there be…. horseshit?

Have you heard of the Creation Museum? It’s museum in Kentucky that presents the evidence, such as it is, for the biblically-accurate hypothesis of the Creation of our lovely planet. It’s been built by creationists who seem intent on spreading the farcical notion that the Earth is only around 6000 years old, among other theories.

I’ve been reading about it for a little while but I’ve never seen any photos of the place. However, after reading a rather interesting seed on Newsvine I came across this wonderful article written by a guy that had actually visited the place. He’s placed over 100 photos of his visit up on Flickr too. He’s a bit of a sarcastic bugger, but I like that in a blogger!

There are some priceless assertions in there. Apparently dinosaurs were around in the Garden of Eden and they were all vegetarians until Adam corrupted everything with that infamous bite of the forbidden fruit. Well, it makes sense to me!


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