I have no doubt that my somewhat copious readers have noticed a few changes to this blog. I’ve upgraded to the latest version of MT4 (4.01) and changed the style of the site. This is just one of the default styles but I really like it. It’s simple and as I’m lazy it’ll do nicely. I may make the odd change, such as adding an image or something to the header, but knowing my levels of procrastination I doubt that very much.

There’s also something else appeared too. You may notice the “tag cloud” over there on the right. Movable Type has included tagging for a while but I’ve never used it. MT4 has upped the implementation of it and it’s now really easy and convenient to use. I’ve added a few tags here and there so you can now use the tags to search for entries that might interest you. That’s just in case I’ve not covered it with the categories.

I’m approaching 700 entries in this blog so I doubt that I’ll be tagging all of those. I’ll re-edit as many as I can, though. Maybe 20 or 30.

Let me know if you have any issues with that feature, or anything else for that matter.

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