Rubber Ducky


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I’ve been having a lot of fun with my photography recently. I’ve joined a group that sets three assignments a week and it’s making me stretch my creativity. I’ve been having to push my ideas that bit further, and it’s been very fulfilling.

I’ve also been taking a few photos “Through the Viewfinder”. I bought a Kodak Duaflex from eBay – only £12! – and there’s a whole photography movement that uses old cameras like these to take photos with a second camera while viewing the scene through the enlarged, bulbous viewfinder on the top. The effects are really quite unusual, and square, and normally infected with the muck and rust from the aged parts of the Duaflex.

Of all the photos I’ve taken this way so far the Rubber Ducky shown here is my favourite so far. My sister bought me the duck – can’t really remember why – but it’s a cute, miserable-looking bugger and really suits shooting this way.

I’ve taken quite a few shots of the little blighter already but I’m aware of not over-doing it, so I’ll be on the look-out for different, strange subjects to take photos of. Should be a fun endeavour!


Of Owls and Thoresby Hall


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What a lovely day Sunday was eh?

We spent Sunday afternoon over at Thoresby Hall, near Rufford Park north of Nottingham. We wanted to get out and about and as we’d not been there before we figured it was a good place to try out.

It turned out that there was a Craft Fair on this weekend. I’m not a huge fan of these but there’s always something of interest on and somewhere to get a Hog Roast Sandwich with apple sauce and stuffing. I like a bit of stuffing.

Some of the craft is a bit old-fashioned for me but there were things of interest. We saw some nice kids toys and I’m always a fan of sweets and pies. There were lots of those.

My favourite activity there was the falconry demonstration. There were two separate groups showing their rescued birds and I managed to get a fair few photos of hawks and owls. My favourite was this one shown here. The falconer had got a large line of kids to sit on the grass while he flew this gorgeous owl over their heads. I was lucky to get this almost in focus – it’s a complete pain in the arse to point and focus my 75-300mm lens in the right direction for a fast-moving object like this!

Still, it was good photography practice. The evening saw us in our local Wetherspoon’s pub taking advantage of the cheap food and Old Rosie’s Cloudy Scrumpy. Well, I drank the cider – Jo had to drive home. Cider counts as a fruit portion right?

Looking forward to some more nice weather. More owls would be nice too.

Ten bloody quid!

My Yorkshire sensibilities have been offended. I have been subjected to something so offensive to my roots that I became quite angry. OK, I was mildly annoyed.

I was charged ten bloody pounds just to park my car for a few hours. Ten quid!

We’ve had a friend visiting us this weekend. She’d flown over from Northern Ireland to attend a course in Nottingham, so it seemed only fair that we should look after her at my house. It was great to see her so we thought it’d be nice to take her into town on Saturday night to see a film and eat some Chinese food.

The film was great! If you’ve not seen Hot Fuzz yet you really must do – one of the funniest films I’ve seen in years – and the Chinese food was excellent. However, the surprise at the carpark ticket machine was less than amusing. Did I mention that they charged me ten pounds to park for just over 5 hours? Ten bloody quid!

That’s the Broadmarsh car park for you though. If you try and park during the day then you get stung with these stupidly expensive prices. We’d parked up at about 4ish so we missed out on the cheaper evening rate. Still, charging so much is a bit of a flaming liberty if you ask me.

I’ve been creating a small ulcer over this.

Other than that, we had a great weekend. Hope yours was just as good.


St Lawrence Church

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I had a reason to celebrate this week. Tuesday was my girlfriend’s birthday, and as I’m working the early shift this week I took yesterday off as holiday so that I could spend Tuesday night with her plus go for a day out somewhere yesterday.

Well, Tuesday was a lot of fun. We spent it at some friends’ house where we had a wonderful duck dinner (plus some exceptional company) and probably a bit too much champagne and wine.

I bought Jo Carrom for her birthday. It’s a board game that requires you to shoot tiles into pockets – it’s a bit like pool but with tiddlywinks if you see what I mean. We had a game of that (our friends probably weren’t quite up for a game of strip poker) and it was a lot of fun. Even though I lost.

Yesterday saw us visit Evesham for the day. Neither of us had really ever visited it before, so it seemed like a good idea. It’s a nice place – not as picturesque as some of the other Cotswold towns in the same area, but there are some really nice parts and it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

The photo here is of one of the local churches in the Abbey area – St Lawrence. For some reason there are two churches right next to each other, plus a Bell Tower. No Abbey though – no doubt Henry VIII had something to do with that.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Jo. Still not as old as me and getting more fabulous as you get older ;¬)

Not dead yet

I’ve really not been paying this blog much attention recently, and I really should. I enjoy blogging but I seem to have been taken over a bit with my photography. I prefer to spend most of my free t’internet time over at Flickr rather than chatting about inane and unimportant things here.

Still, I have the technology to share some of my photos here, so I’ll attempt to do that more often. Plus, there’s always the possibility of funny videos from YouTube or crap jokes from just about anywhere.

There’s still life in this old dog.