Fame at last!

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Originally uploaded by rutty.

A little while ago I took part in a discussion on Flickr. It was in one of the Canon-related groups and it was related to views of my new camera, the Canon EOS 400D.

The guy that was having the discussion works for What Digital Camera Magazine and by some stroke of luck has decided to use a comment I made in the March 2007 edition!

Incredibly they’re also going to use one of my pictures – the one featured here. It’s only a small version but it’s great to be included!

I’ve seen some scans of the pages in a group on Flickr. Some of the other photos in there are amazing! There are some seriously talented photographers around using this very camera and I’m feeling particularly inspired to improve my photography to try and match them.

I’m not sure when the magazine’s out, but I’ll be sure to grab a copy as soon as it does


2 thoughts on “Fame at last!

  1. Cheers bud! I’ve already got a scan though – the guy that’s done the article has stuck them up in a private group in Flickr.

    There are a few issues with my installation at the moment – I need to upgrade but I’m too lazy. I’ve also messed around a bit too much with the templates so I’m not suprised that there are issues.

    I’ll see about getting it sorted soon


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