Oh no, what if the wind changes?

Googly Eyes – Day 41

Originally uploaded by rutty.

I love pulling faces. I have quite a rubbery one and I seem capable of contorting it into all sorts of amusing and embarrassing shapes.

I’m also nearly 38 years old. That’s not far off the big four oh. That’s middle-age land isn’t it? Isn’t it about time that I forsook arsing about started acting my age?

Well, sod that. If I’m going to grow old then I’m going to do it disgracefully, kicking and screaming all the way – while crossing my eyes and sticking my tongue out. I’m actually a rather sensible fellow but I do like to mess about. I love to play. Life is fun and I’m going to enjoy it.

I shall continue pulling stupid faces until I’m unable to do so, or until one sticks and I have no choice but to keep it.

Sorry mum and dad!


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