Last Jazz Night in The Cow, Beeston

Last Jazz Night in The Cow, Beeston

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Tesco’s are killing The Cow in Beeston, Nottingham. They’re having the old pub torn down and replaced by cheap petrol. The bastards!

Tonight was the last every night that The Cow would have it’s regular Jazz Night and I figured it would be a good opportunity to take some photos for one of the assignments for “Take a Class with Dave & Dave” – Teamwork/co-operation.

It takes a lot of teamwork to play music, and more-so with Jazz I think.

I took over 400 (!!!!) photos, most of which turned out crap. It was far too dark in there for me to do much without a flash and even my nifty fifty struggled at ISO1600. They’re all grainy, but I figured that one or two might look OK if I converted to some Fake Lomo effect using the GIMP. I loved this one! It even has the Cow in the background.


Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Chocolate coffee beans

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Who says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Bollocks to that. it’s chocolate. Ask any of those mysterious creatures what their favourite thing is and I can guarantee you that a significant number will reply “chocolate”.

Why? Well, why not? It’s delicious! It’s sweet and lovely and much cheaper than buying anything from Beaverbrooks.

Luckily I have an independent Chocolatier near to where I live called All Things Chocolate. All his chocs are made on the premises and his Hot Chocolate is just bloody lovely! He even does a dark chocolate version.

My personal favourite is the Mocha, which I have with an extra shot of espresso. I love my chocolate but I love coffee more!

A week or so ago I was in there with my girlfriend and I asked if I could take some photos. He seemed interested and brought out some part-made coffee truffles so I could take a few pics. He liked them, and so invited me back to take some more “official” ones.

So, I went back yesterday and took even more photos of chocolate. Not all came out as I wanted, but I got a few decent ones. The chocolate covered coffee beans here aren’t as sharp as I’d like, but then I had to use my longer lens as I don”t have a lens capable of doing a decent macro.

Still, hopefully Phil will be using some of these in his shop. I may try a few “artistic” versions too and get some printed out at Photobox – I’ve already ordered a 20″x16″ version of the truffle photo so I’ll see how that comes out.

It’s great to try out my photography on a such a fabulous subject. And it’s a great local business too, so don’t forget to drop in for a Mocha if you’re passing!

Eating fruit and veg is good for you

I’ve been eating far more healthily over the last week or so. I’ve decided that I need to get loads more fruit and veg in my diet, along with more (some!) exercise.

So far I’m yet to do any exercise, but I have been eating an increased quantity of fruit and veg. I bought a large bag of grapes and some apples last week and I ate those rather than snacking on some other, less-healthy crap.

I’ve also been eating large amounts of Mediterranean-style roasted veg, although there’s some swede and parsnips in there too. Lovely it is.

So, today, I decided to get fruity for lunch. I bought an apple. That’s one serving! I also bought a packet of pickled onion flavour Monster Munch – onion is a veg right? Another serving right there. Add to that a Dark Chocolate flavour Bounty – is coconut a fruit? – and a “Burst of Berries” tracker bar and you’ve got one healthy lunch.

Today’s exercise will consist of me walking back to my car to drive home.

I’m feeling better already!

Famous at last!

Famous at last! Day 62

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A little while ago I left a comment in a discussion on one of the Canon groups. A guy from What Digital Camera Magazine was asking people’s opinions on the Canon EOS 400D.

Luckily for me, my comment was chosen to be in the mag, and here it is! They even sent me a free copy! Plus, they used one of my 365days portraits as my little icon thing!

The bridge picture there is one I took of Pulteney Bridge in Bath. One of my favourites – going to have to do a load more long exposure shots like that.

The magazine looks really good too. There’s a whole section devoted to Flickr, including some profiles of a few Flickrites.

Did I mention that I’m in it too?

Fame at last!

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

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A little while ago I took part in a discussion on Flickr. It was in one of the Canon-related groups and it was related to views of my new camera, the Canon EOS 400D.

The guy that was having the discussion works for What Digital Camera Magazine and by some stroke of luck has decided to use a comment I made in the March 2007 edition!

Incredibly they’re also going to use one of my pictures – the one featured here. It’s only a small version but it’s great to be included!

I’ve seen some scans of the pages in a group on Flickr. Some of the other photos in there are amazing! There are some seriously talented photographers around using this very camera and I’m feeling particularly inspired to improve my photography to try and match them.

I’m not sure when the magazine’s out, but I’ll be sure to grab a copy as soon as it does

“Dr” Gillian McKeith – bad science bites her in the rectum

The Garudian has a fabulous piece on the recent ASA announcement that “Dr” Gillian McKeith has been misleading the populace by using the title “Doctor” in her advertising.

Ben Goldacre pretty much spells out how ludicrous some of her science is.

She’s pretty convincing on the TV, but to the scientific community she’s a laughing stock. I’m sure some of her advice is good common-sense stuff but when it’s not backed by good science then you really have to wonder how she can get away with some of the things she is saying.

I shall not be following her advice, no matter how sticky and smelly my poo is.

Thanks to Gary for finding this one

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