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The Fear of Poo

I think I have Coprophobia, the fear of poo. I hate the stuff.

It’s a weird thing. I just can’t bear it if I see some poo, any kind of poo, just lying there on the street. It gives me the shivers, and not the good kind. Dog poo, cat poo, cow poo, giraffe poo – it matters not from whence it came. I hate the stuff.

This is a bit of a problem when I’m on the early shift. I walk into work and as it’s spectacularly dark at six in the morning I obviously can’t see any potential animal land mines. During daylight hours I have a kind of poo-radar that works quite well at avoiding the mess, but it’s effect is attenuated in poor lighting conditions.

Autumn is also causing poo-related problems. There are leaves everywhere and there’s the possibility that there could be some nastiness hiding underneath. The bastards!

I hate it I hate it I hate it!

Oh well, let’s not get a complex eh?

Bizarrely, I have no problem at all with my own poo production. I’m quite proud of my logs, but they belong in the toilet and not on the pavement or other walking areas. Pooing is good. Stepping in poo, not so much.

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Attack of the Phish

I updated Firefox to version 2.0 yesterday and so far I’m liking it. I’m till getting used to the way that the tabs have changed, but so far I’m feeling positive about the new build. It’s not hugely different, to be honest, but I think a lot of changes are under the hood.

One of these changes is an anti-phishing tool. There are all sorts of unscrupulous bastards out there and this tool is ideal for helping those foolish enough to click on those badly-spelled emails from banks that you don’t even have an account with.

Talking of which, I received an email from “PayPal” this morning telling me that somebody from some random IP address had attempted to access my account. Of course they did! Anyway, the email was slightly more convincing that the usual rubbish that you get but the login URL was obviously totally bogus. I decided to click on it anyway and received the rather large warning as shown below:


This is a really nice method of showing that you’re an idiot for clicking on obvious phishing emails but also handy because the buggers are getting more and more devious as time goes by and you never know – they might start producing convincing mails. Obviously there are many people using the internet that are more naive about such things and so this would help them a great deal.

I have no idea how accurate it is at discovering these sites but it did work with this one.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m searching for “Black Dyke”, well they’re a Brass Band not a large Jamaican lady in dungarees.

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