Special Russian Sauce

The food here in Toronto is pretty good. Well, as good as you’d expect in a big city. There are plenty of decent places to eat and we’ve tried a few while we’ve been here.

One place we found by accident was What A Bagel on Yonge. We decided to have breakfast here one day and it was delicious, so as we were in the same area yesterday we revisited.

I had one of the specials – a 6oz steak with potatoes, two eggs, some other bits and pieces and what was described as “Our Special Russian Sauce”. The sauce looked interesting in it’s little pot on the side of the plate – a nice dark brown colour – so I dipped a piece of steak in it (which was really delicious) and tasted it.

I said to my girlfriend that I thought it tasted just like HP Sauce and she replied that I was correct – she’d watched the chef squirt it into the pot from behind the counter. I turned round, and there it was – a large bottle of not Russian at all HP Sauce, complete with it’s image of the Houses of Parliament on the label.

Never mind, it kind of suited my breakfast.


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