Would of

OK people, the grammar nazi in me is about to come out.

I keep reading the same bastardisation of the English language and it’s really getting on my tits. It’s petty and I can’t help it.

Every time I read something like “..the bear would of..” rather than “…the bear would have…” I build a little more rage inside. I’m sure this is getting taught properly in schools, so some people are just not paying attention. So, if this mis-use of grammar continues to be perpetrated by the illiterati (I just made that word up!) then I must just have to (not just of to) break out a big hammer and start smashing some fingers.

Oh, and please learn to use apostrophes properly too, if that’s OK with you. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Would of

  1. If I get asked by one more program to install using US English I’ll scream. Worst offenders are still the Myspace blogs where everything is written in txtspk. Oh my God….no.


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