I’ve been reminded by Toxie that my main interest is in the study of boobies, and so I’ve amended the image at the top to be more representable of this. It’s an artistically rendered and slightly filtered robbed image of a certain famous ex-Russian tennis player’s assets. Lovely.


I could have just gone for some nipple-action but I figured I’d be more subtle than that for a change. Plus my Mum might see this site.

I’ve also sorted out an issue I had with my TypeKey authentication not showing up on the comments form. This was all due to the newness of the new version of these 3.2 Movable Type default templates I suppose, in that an upgraded blog doesn’t appear to generate the require mt-site.js file for the TypeKey stuff (among other things) to work. I had to make another blog and copy this template over from there. Once I’d done that, all was happy. I did have to update my TypeKey settings (again!) to include the trailing slash for the two blogs that were supposed to configured with it.

The new system looks excellent, and once they’ve ironed out these teething troubles I think it’ll be much improved. It was already very good before.


New Camera

I’ve recently acquired a new camera, an Olympus IR-300. A sample is below:


It’s a saucy little number. 5 Megapixels of sexy digicam lovelyness. It has loads of very nice features including a rather exceptional macro mode, as you can see from the image of the tomatoes. Or maybe you can’t, I’ve had to optimise that rather a lot to get it to fit onto this page. Either way you can see more images HERE.

I’ll add more over time and when I figure out how to edit the sidebar properly I’ll add a link in there too. Maybe.

Site layout changes underway

If you’ve been visiting this site internittently during the day then you may have noticed a number of different styles suddenly appearing then immediately changing to something completely different. Some of these styles have been quite nice, but some were just hideous.

This has all been in my quest to get the site layout sorted out after I upgraded Movable Type to version 3.2. It’s working out pretty well so far – the StyleCatcher plugin is working really well now – but I have some way to go before I’ve ironed out all the problems. Currently the category and archive pages have a blank space on the right side – this will be filled with the sidebar eventually, but I have to figure out how to do that first as the templates are just a sea of divs and classes.

Eventually I’ll amend one of these templates to my own design, or at least a variation of one of the default templates. Six Apart have done a fine job of getting some reasonably pleasant default layouts for this new way of displaying Movable Type blogs and I don’t think it’ll take too much effort to get something going.

Mind you, I’m usually far too lazy to try too hard at such things šŸ˜‰

Please ignore our appearance etc

Well, I’ve upgraded Movable Type this morning to version 3.2. The backend looks very nice (I do like a nice backend) but I’m yet to be too thrilled with the recently installed StyleCatcher plugin. So far I’ve not quite figured it out and the columns are all buggered and I don’t have any time at the moment to try and figure it out.

So, until I get home tonight the site is going to be looking a little poorly. I’ll fix it then. Probably.


I’ve had a very band-oriented day today. Considering the fact that it was a bank holiday you’d think I’d be enjoying the country side or something and drinking beer. But no, I was playing my cornet, as shown below:

Ransome Band

The Ransome Band were short of a few players so I helped them out, playing out of position on 3rd cornet. I was completely lost on some pieces as I’m not used to playing that low, and as Ransomes are a possibly the finest brass band in Nottinghamshire they had some challenging music in their pads. I had a blast though – it was a real pleasure to play with such a good band.

I actually played two concerts with them today. The first one was at the MacArthur Glenn retail place near Mansfield (as shown in the photo) and the second was at a “Brass Explosion” just outside Newark Castle that involved Land of Hope and Glory (accompanied by fireworks) and also a piece that required me to sing (Hello Dolly). I think I should stick to playing my instrument.

There were lots of people around at both events, and the crowd at the later one (it finished at about ten o’clock) had a very enthusiastic crowd, and possibly the largest number of people I’ve ever played to.

Lots of fun, but not enough beer. Hmmm, beer.

Goodbye Keith

Well, I’m a little pickled.

The reason behind such inebriation is that my housemate Keith is emigrating to Spain to live with his girlfriend. So, tonight, Keith, Patrick and myself have been out on the town drinking Nottingham dry.

I’m going to miss the tall galloot. His jokes might be really shit, but he’s a real character. Taller than me, and slightly older, his penchant for really crappy jokes has become quite endearing over the last year or so, and I’m going to miss the big-footed bastard.

There will always be a Keith-shaped dent in the sofa in our lounge.

I just hope for a big-titted replacement. Perhaps blonde, but maybe brunette with a suitably saucy demeanour.

Keith, it’s been a pleasure.

Good luck, you old bastard.