Ethel Rethor

Ethel Rethor

Above is a touristy screenshot I took while playing my current obsession (well, other than boobies) World of Warcraft. It’s sad I know, but it’s keeping me off the porn.

I’m finding the whole game totally immersive and am playing it rather a lot, to the detriment of all those little things that I need to do, like do some laundry and get a divorce etc. It is a beautiful game though, and even though the graphics can be a little “cutesy” they fit into the theme of the game very well.

I have more screenshots in the GALLERY.


Save Toby

Poor Toby. Fancy being a poor little bunny, getting rescued and looked after by a doting animal lover but then suffering the ignimony of being slaughtered, skinned and made into rabbit pie unless a $50,000 sum is raised.

You can help save Toby, by donating to his owner’s website. Or you can just let him get eaten, whatever floats your boat.

Personally, I think the guy should have a counter-balance fund, where people can add money in to make sure that Toby becomes Toby Pie.

This site was found by Kev over at DDN.

Corsa woes – a fellow sufferer

A little while ago I blogged about a little problem I had putting petrol into a work rental car. I seemed unable to open the petrol cap, despite pulling every possible lever in the cabin.

It seems like someone else has had the same problem. I checked my stats today and there’s been someone visiting my site that typed “how do i open petrol flap on corsa” into a search engine and turned up here! Thankfully, the answer they required was within these pages – the cap is tied into the central locking. You merely have to press the “unlock” button again and it pops open.

My car requires me to unlock the cap with a key. It’s so 1996.

Having read through some of the other search phrases used to come here, I thought I’d better share some. There are some odd people out there:

blog farting
gordon brown glass eye
chav wollaton nottingham
how huge mario ancic penis
pronounciation bukkake (it’s “book-car-key” btw)
paranormal deathmatch
wiffy farts
exploding baby

“Cottaging” is still providing me with the most inward links, with almost 20% of all visitors being disappointed by the lack of homosexual public toilet action! Sorry about that, maybe later.

Exploding baby causes concern

Events at the weekend caused some concern for a Yorkshire family in Leeds. A family meal was interrupted by the sudden and unexpected explosion of a small child.

The child in question, “J”, was sat in a high-chair and had just completed a nice Sunday meal along with the rest of her family. She suddenly raised her arms in the air and went very red in the face for a few seconds before exploding. The destruction was all below the surface however, so there was no damage to surrounding furniture or to those close by.

There were a number of casualties. It is understood that one nappy required destruction, a t-shirt and pair of trousers were in a dire need of immediate removal and a large quantity of soap suddenly went missing.

One witness, an Uncle of J, was heard to be saying “I’m not bloody sorting THAT out” and also “…and they wonder why I don’t have any kids”.