Government say “Get pissed”

Hurrah! At last, the government have finally admitted that it’s OK to “get drunk once in a while”. In a speech to some kids in Scotland, Jack McConnell (no, I’ve never heard of him either) reassured everyone that it was OK to get a little merry every so often, but that people should be aware of the problems of binge drinking.

At least, that’s how I’m reading the story.

I shall be sure to take his example and only get pissed, say, once a month, maybe every couple of weeks. I might have the odd beer here and there (I’m mostly a social drinker and hardly ever over-do it) but once in a while it’s good to go out with your mates and down a few. Not so good in the morning, but there you go.



I’ve had a very enjoyable weekend staying with a mate and his family up in Bolsover, known affectionately as “Boza” to residents. Roger and his wife very kindly put up with me for the night.

This all came about because Roger has been playing a game called World of Warcraft and I was interested in having a look at it. It’s currently in Public Beta in Europe although it’s already been released in the states, so at the moment you can play it for free. I know, I’m a bit of a saddo for liking stuff like this but it’s fairly good fun and very immersive – you can play this game for months and months and still find things to do.

Anyway, I had a play on that for a bit, then we hit the town, what there is of it. Boza isn’t very big, but there were a few lively pubs around and we ended up at a pub called The Angel Inn where some DJ was having a bit of a karaoke! It was a lot of fun watching all the hopeless “singers” make arses of themselves, although one lady did an excellent rendition of “Pearl’s a Singer”. Needless to say I didn’t serenade the pub – I might be musical but I can’t sing for toffee.

After a few pints out we headed back home. Roger’s wife Sarah thought it would be a good idea to open the bottle of Veuve Amiot that I’d brought as a gift, so we drank that between us. This pushed me over the edge from “slightly pickled” to “ming-monged”. I don’t remember going to bed and I was a little confused when I eventually awakened from a deathly unconciousness to realise that I was still fully clothed! I’d managed to take my shoes off but then left everything else on and climbed into bed.

I felt like death warmed up and I still feel a little jittery now. I don’t get pissed that often, only usually once in a while, and I hate having a hangover. Sarah made us all a lovely Sunday lunch which she left most of (I think she was feeling worse than me!) and I struggled to finish off most of mine, and that’s very unusual for me. I love my food. Still, it tasted great and she did a great stuffing – Roger is one lucky bloke.

Anyway, must be about time for bed. I’m knackered.

Not dead

Well, that was easy. Graphics cards swapped round and one reboot later I’m cooking on gas. Everything still works and glxgears is showing a significant improvement in FPS – from 1500ish with my MX440 to a figure now over 3500.

Just going to try HL2 now, to see how that goes…

Time to kill my PC

I have just received my latest eBay purchase – a new (to me at least) nVidia Geforce TI4200 graphics card. It’s hardly top of the range stuff, but it was cheap and it’s better than my existing MX440 piece of crap, so I’m just about to insert it into my PC to see how much better off I’m going to be.

I’m hoping that Half Life 2 will be much more slick to play with an improved FPS and increased graphics settings. If not then I know someone that’ll take this card off me and I can just get a better one next time.

Or, this whole exercise may just be the excuse my PC needs to die. We’ll see.

Stand back, I’m going in….

The spam has stopped

The internet has been a rosier place over the last 24 hours. Hell, 30 hours. I’ve not had a single spammy comment attempt at all over that period – not one! This is bizarre because I’d had well over 1000 attempts over the previous two week period, then all of a sudden, it stops. It’s like I’ve been taken off a list or something.

I’m hoping that these bastards have died in a horrible, painful accident. In fact, I hope they’ve had a horrible, painful accident somewhere remote and they’ve survived only to be eaten slowly by small rodents with very blunt teeth. While being shat on by lemurs that have eaten a bit too much fruit. Yeah.

No doubt they’re having server troubles or something, but other bloggers have also noticed the lack of spam.

I’m thinking that they’re giving us a few weeks of spam-free existence then BAM! More spam than you can shake a shitty stick at. Don’t bother – try advertising legitimately rather than raping people’s websites.


This is where I make an apology to all those that have suffered today as a consequence of my dubious eating habits.

For my tea tonight I ate a whole pack of Sainsbury’s Garlic and Herb pasta jobbies (I’m pretty sure this is the correct package label) that I consumed with a lovely red pesto sauce. This had an unfortunate effect on the air directly surrounding me. Within an hour or so I ponged more than a French onion market on a humid day in August – the stench was rather unpleasant for those sat next to me at rehearsal at band tonight, so to those that became aware of my garlicky repaste (especially when I quietly belched) I am sorry.

I’m not very sorry really, it tasted lovely.

Glad I’m not there now

brrrrrrrrrTake a look at the image on the left. Now be glad that you’re not in Toronto, unlike my sister who took that picture outside her house over the weekend.

The poor buggers have had a good dusting of the white stuff over the last few days and they’ve not been able to get out much, or even wanted to. I liked the snow when I was there but it makes getting about rather difficult, even in a country that expects significant snowfall every year. There’s not much you can do while the blizzards are in apart from stay at home and turn the heating up.

Thankfully the poor weather didn’t ruin my niece’s third birthday party yesterday. Happy Birthday!