Easy Urpmi

I’ve just used Easy Urpmi on my Mandrake 10.1 installation. It’s an idiot-proof method of getting your Mandrake Linux configured so that you can use various ftp servers to install software.

I’ve used it on previous Mandrake builds and I’ve found it invaluable, especially when attempting to install applications that don’t come with the distribution.

If you use Mandrake, you absolutely must give this a go. This bloke deserves a medal ;o)


Sweaty git

I’ve just got back from another three mile run, my first in about a week. I didn’t feel particularly energetic going round today so I only managed it in about 27 minutes, rather than the 25 minutes that I ran it last week. Perhaps the fact that I ate a few too many chick-peas for my lunch had an effect – I certainly didn’t feel too light-footed today.

I think I need to do this more often, rather than sit looking at my PC screen or watching the telly.

Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Allegedly.

I’m pissed

I mention this “pissed” state in a British sense, in that I’m slightly inebriated, not in the yank way of being upset.

I’ve been into town (Nottingham) and been round a few bars, drunk some beer and had an eyeful of the local talent (which is good). This is possibly a good a thing, in that I’ve had a fucking good time, oggled some fine women and drunk some good beer.

I’ve also eaten a Chinese once I made it home. Beef with cashews if that floats your boat. I’ve even saved some for tomorrow.

Life is good.

Firefox Adblock list

Rather than blocking each ad as they come up with the rather excellent Firefox adblock extension, why not import a list of known ad sites (with wildcards attached) to block a whole range of ads with minimal effort?

Well, The Jackal has already created one for you. Go get it.

Firefox 1.0 PR

Just installed Firefox 1.0 PR (preview release) and discovered that it has a most excellent plugin installer. I visited a page that required the Flash plugin (which I didn’t have) it realised I needed it and a little bar appeared at the top of the page prompting me to install it.

All I had to do was click two buttons and bugger me, it installed it without any fuss. It even works. Sweet.

It also seems extremely fast – pages are rendered very quickly indeed. It looks like Firefox may well eventually be the browser to beat all browsers. Get it here:

Firefox Home

Mandrake 10.1rc1 installed

Before I set off to work this afternoon I started off downloads of the iso images for Mandrake 10.1rc1, which I obtained from LinuxISO.org. By the time I got home all three had finished (thank you NTL!) and it didn’t take me long to burn some CDs using K3b.

One reboot later and I’m upgrading Mandrake 10.0 on my new drive – 30 minutes after that and I’m done. Piece of piss.

It looks just as polished as 10.0, in fact it looks exactly the same. I’ve no idea what they’ve fixed with this release. Perhaps I should pay more attention.

If anyone is thinking of trying a Linux distribution I can heartily recommend giving Mandrake a go – it’s really easy to install and I think it’s the easiest to use and configure. Plenty of toys and applications come as standard and it has a large fan base.

Now, having said that it’s time to figure out why Mandrake Update doesn’t want to work…

Taxi drivers = cnuts

On the walk into work this afternoon I was the recipient of a little prank from some twat in a taxi who thought it would be funny to splash me by driving into a puddle. He actually has to drive off the road to this.

This does not help my already low opinion of these deranged individuals. I already see them as car-toting idiots with only a slim grasp of the highway code and penchant for driving like Stevie Wonder at a Donkey Derby.