Come on Tim!

I just can’t help myself. I’m going to be screeching at my TV later on today when “Tiger” Tim Henman takes to the centre court at Wimbledon today, hoping that Tim can make it through to the semi-final. Maybe, just maybe, this is his year.

He hasn’t been in that impressive form this tournament, but there were suggestions in his victory over Mark Philippousis that he was hitting a good vein of form, especially in the first two sets. He seems better able to cope with the tight points this year, as can be seen from his progress at the French Open this year.

Even if Tim beats Mario Ancic (not a formality by any means – the young fella is pretty bloody good) he’ll most likely end up facing Andy Roddick in the semi. Now, that should be a good game. But first, he must beat the Croat, so expect me to be screaming like a girl later this afternoon.


Most Haunted Live – Summer Solstice

These live Most Haunted’s are really getting on my tits. I watched about an hour of the last one at the weekend, got bored and switched over to something else.

I love Most Haunted the series, but these live programs are just complete bollocks. I caught the bit on Saturday’s program where they saw a “UFO” in the distance and Derek starting warbling about there being a spirit of a “visitor” having been present in that area. The “UFO” was quite obviously a street light in the distance and it appeared to move due to the unsteady hands of the camera operator.

I really do hope they don’t start a spin off series “Most Abducted” or similar. Mind you, that might be somewhat amusing!

Either way, David Bull is a complete waste of air. Please remove him from my TV screen! I much prefer the Bull-less series and I’ll be tuning into the new series whenever that’s out, even if Phil is no longer part of the team. Bring back Jason Karl – he was bloody good.

Toxic Dump

I drank too much last night. Damn you J Sainsbury’s for having such a good deal on Becks and Kronenburg 1664! And also Hardys and Hansons for brewing such delicious beers sold at reasonable prices in The Crown in Beeston – you bastards!

I pity the next person that visits the toilets. Good job that the window’s open.


This isn’t an update. This is just to say that I know I’m being slack at updating this site at the moment, and that I’ll get back to posting my usual pile of shite soon.

In the meantime, here’s some music…

I like a good pork…


Just as well that I won the meat raffle in the Fox and Hounds last Friday – again!

This is the third time in about 6 weeks that I’ve been lucky enough to buy the winning ticket, so this weekend I gorged myself on Roast Pork and vegetables. New housemate Patrick and I enjoyed our meal a lot and washed it down with a bottle of Valpolicella. I’ve still got enough pork left to last me until July I should think, so I reckon a few curries are in order, or maybe a lot of pork sandwiches for my lunch.

Hmmm, too lazy to get too many pork innuendos in this post. Feel free to supply your own šŸ˜‰