Steak and Stilton

Yet another food-related entry…

My local eatery Megacobs has been having a lot of specials on recently. There’s a good chance that I even started this trend by saying to the owner Rachel that should consider putting on a meatball sandwich, a bit like Subway. She reckons that Subway are shit and only use processed foods, and so she made her own. Hers were way better…

Anyway, this week’s special is a Steak and Stilton panini with mushrooms and sweet chilli sauce. I’ve had two this week already and I’m going to have another one today, because they are just bloody gorgeous! A bit steep at £3.50, but well worth it.


Tuna Pasta á la Rutty

Boil up some water in a pan. You can tell that the water is boiling by the bubbly nature of the water when it reaches the required temperature. Do not touch the water at this time – it’s nearly as hot as a McDonald’s coffee!

Throw some of your favourite dried pasta into the water. Some of those pasta shells would be good, although any old cheap rubbish from the Value section of the supermarket will suffice. Bring the water to the boil again, then reduce the heat so that the pasta is being “simmered”. This is like boiling, but with smaller bubbles.

Cook the pasta until it is done. The best way to cook pasta is until it is “al dente”. This is somewhere in-between crunchy and sloppy – after a bit of practice you’ll soon get the hang of it. Drain off the water. Try not to let all the pasta fall out if the pan into the sink, as this will impair taste if you have to pick them out of the plughole.

Open a tin of tuna – drain off whatever liquid is in the tin, then fork the tuna into the pasta. Use a fork for this. Spoon in a dollop of wholegrain mustard (the amount depends on how much you value your tastebuds) and also a healthy squirt of mayonnaise. Stir it all up – save washing up by using the same fork that you used on the tuna.

Empty into one of those cheapo plates from Ikea, and serve. Enjoy!

Green Tea

As time goes on I think more and more about my health. I’ve not really been eating that healthily recently, but I’m in the mood for eating more fruit and vegetables, and at least attempting to get my five portions a day.

Over the last week I’ve been introduced to green tea. One of my work colleagues, Tony, is a bit of an oriental fan and drinks a bit of the green stuff. Apparently it’s good for you, full of antioxidants, which I’m assured are beneficial to feeling good.

Well, I’m all for feeling good, so I tried it. I normally hate tea. If I drink tea it’s got to be “NATO standard” – white with two sugars, however this stuff is taken without either. To my surprise it was actually very refreshing, and whereas I couldn’t honestly say that it tastes gorgeous, it does taste quite nice. No strong flavours as such, unless you leave it longer and then it might taste a bit bitter.

Another colleague, Alan, coincidentally has a surfeit if green tea after a friend of his gave him what is turning out to be a lifetime’s supply of the stuff, so he’s given me a box of “Special Gunpowder Emami” green tea. This stuff looks like little black pellets and you don’t need very much to make a cup. In fact this 250g box will probably make me about 100 cups I should think!

Coupled with my insistence on drinking lots of water through the day and having a probiotic drink first thing in the morning I’m anticipating my innards should be getting cleansed fairly soon. Now all I’ve got to do is increase my vegetable/fruit intake and my body will indeed be a temple!

Most Haunted Series Four – #8

This week’s venue: Wellington Hotel in Cornwall.

Not much happening again this week, what with Derek’s failure to become possessed or even many meaningful discoveries, but this episode was at least entertaining. The high points for me were the trips into the “haunted” woods, where Yvette wet her knickers when spooked by evil Simon (“It’s not fucking funny!”) and Rick and Stuart acting like frightened girls when confronted by strange noises and a mysterious shape in the brambles (which could have been anything).

The Hotel itself didn’t produce much apart from a shaking lamp and one or two noises. A séance with medium Ian Lawman was interesting – Simon started crying and appeared to be talking to a little girl, but parapsychologist Matthew Smith reckoned that this was all down to him getting caught up in the situation.

Either way, a better episode than some recent ones, even if not much ghostly happened. Richard Felix must have been gutted that there was a lack of poltergeist activity…

Poorly sick

I’ve been off work today for only the second time in about five years. I couldn’t sleep at all last night for some reason – I felt like I had constant indigestion or something – and I had that feeling at 6am that I was about to throw up. You know, when your mouth just fills with saliva.

Anyway, I chucked and I chucked rather noisily, before deciding that I really wasn’t well enough to go to work. I felt terrible, sick to the stomach and my head felt like it was full of cotton-wool. I eventually got my arse out of bed at about 1pm, had a long bath, got some Andrews Salts to calm my stomach and bought the Evening Post so that I could see what properties were offering shared accomodation.

I saw one property this afternoon actually, in Sherwood. It was quite nice, a self-contained studio bedsit type thing with Ikea furniture in it. They were still decorating it so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I could move in there, but it was very promising.

Well, I still haven’t eaten anything today, and I’m finally getting the rumbles. Time to get a sandwich I think, something with cheese in it maybe.

Meatball Sub part 2

My influence knows no bounds.

I was chatting to the owner of local sarnie emporium Megacobs about favourite sandwiches, and I brought up that my absolutely favourite sarnie of all time is the Meatball Sub from Subway, and she reckons that she could do an even nicer version, especially considering that Subway have a tendency to use processed meat. She asked me if I’d pay £3 for one and I said that I would.

Well, bugger me but not even a week after suggesting it she’s only gone and made it this week’s special, and so I was compelled to buy one for my lunch today. I had a ciabatta roll with salad, meatballs and cheese on top, with a sprinkling of black pepper on top. Luckily there was just enough room for the pepper.

Anyway, now my tastebuds love me. The sandwich was utterly gorgeous and worth every penny. I still think that Subway are a large step ahead of the usual fast food pack, but you really can’t beat a freshly prepared sandwich from your local deli, especially one as close to my workplace as Megacobs.

Rachel will love you for ever if you go and buy one for your lunch tomorrow. Go on, you know you want to ;o)

Attention Cat Owners

Those of you that own cats should be aware that behind that cute exterior lies an evil shitting machine. For every sappy woman stroking her pussy and cooing there’s an irate gardener with cat shit on his gloves thinking of somewhere to buy sacks, get bricks and the fastest way to the local canal.

That is all.